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February 20, 2019

Corridors of power

Afrisec Telecoms MD Ndindi Nyoro.Photo/Monicah Mwangi
Afrisec Telecoms MD Ndindi Nyoro.Photo/Monicah Mwangi


  A member of the tangatanga squad who had taken a sabbatical is back with a bang. The Central MP and DP William Ruto’s foremost defender had sent tongues wagging over his sudden and studious silence. But in his best element on Saturday while attending the homecoming party for Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro (pictured), the lawmaker tore into his critics and affirmed his unwavering loyalty to the squad. He sent the crowd into wild cheers after he vowed to stay put in the DP camp despite pressure to abandon it. “They’ve approached me to go slow, but I’m focussed and can’t be distracted, it is Ruto in 2022,” he said in Ruto’s presence. How long does loyalty go unpaid for? Time will tell.


  Just why are some senior Kenha officials frustrating the anti-graft fight? A senior agency official and a certain director epitomise real corruption. Corridors of Power is aware that while the first quarter adverts opened on July 7, they are yet to be awarded. Reason? The preferred firms the two top officers wanted awarded are not qualified. In the meantime, the officers are asking for “kickbacks” and the missing documents to make sure the “preferred” companies comply. Elsewhere, the officers allegedly pick predetermined firms even including those ranked lowly during tender evaluation stage. Sadly, youth, women & PWD tenders are yet to be awarded because most of the firms presented no or fake certificates.


  A Nyanza political broker is still restless, despite assurance he could land a state job soon. Days after opening a barrage of criticism of the Jubilee administration, the politician was last Saturday in the company of one of Jubilee’s top leaders at a high-end Nairobi hotel enjoying their wine. The two did not hide what was seen as a celebration over an unknown achievement. They tossed glasses more often to the awe of other revellers. Was the Jubilee leader delivering some good news? While this will be laid bare in the fullness of time, the broker seems anxious and has been calling a number of Jubilee loyalists if they could be in the know. Jubilee had assured him of a job during the campaigns when he ran against the NASA tide.


  A Western governor has tensed he could be in line for prosecution over graft after the EACC revealed it was pursuing 30 county bosses. He is known for flouting all manner of regulations and procedures as much as he wants to get his way. He had been warned a few months ago by his senator that he could be the latest casualty of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ruthless graft war. Since Friday, his phones are off amid claims by people close to him that he has new mobile numbers. It has also emerged that he decided to dodge the EACC after sleuths summoned him on Thursday to a regional office for grilling. Has he gone into hiding?

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