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February 18, 2019

Corridors of Power

Uhuru Kenyatta
Uhuru Kenyatta

The ongoing crackdown on corruption has spurred a cat-and-mouse chase between some senior government officials and the agencies. Well, Corridors has learned that some of the top officials have resorted to engaging in assignments outside Nairobi whenever the weekend beckons. A senior official confided to Corridors that there is a predictable migration exodus from the city every Thursday for fear of being netted and detained by detectives. “If you get arrested on Friday, definitely you will spend the weekend in police cells until Monday when you will be arraigned in court,” the mole said.

An MP and member of the Parliamentary committee currently probing the Ruaraka land saga is under siege. The outspoken politician is rumoured to own a car wash in Nairobi on an alleged grabbed land. Our mole informed corridors that the lawmaker has since ceased frequently visiting the busy business using his personal vehicles. Corridors is informed that many staff and clients have been wondering why the politician has been 'camouflaging' himself while visiting his business.

A State corporation in the tourism sector is in the eye of a storm. Reason? The parastatal whose chief executive has a strong social media presence is said to be cash-strapped. Its whispered that the organisation can no longer pay its liabilities. The boss is said to have a penchant for flying First Class and organising reggae concerts. Maybe that is where the billions allocated to the parastatal disappear but his days may be numbered. Some insiders were heard saying the Auditor General should monitor the institution more closely.

Have some top state officials been orchestrating plans to have a top security official take an early retirement? Well, a highly placed mole at the OP told Corridors that the officials once approached the "the appointing authority" with the proposal during a high profile meeting. But after they presented their case, he responded, “Lakini sijasikia huyu ameiba.” The top officer is still in office.

An outspoken MP was recently overheard in the corridors of Parliament chirpily narrating the experience he gained during his tour to Russia where he and other leaders had travelled to watch the World Cup. But the interesting part of the story was about the calibre of women he saw during the visit. The lawmaker described the women as 'hot', saying should another opportunity open up to tour the country, he will do everything to board. But he was not jut wowed by the women; he was amazed too with the advanced infrastructural development in Russia and the sumptuous delicacies served at a cheap price. May be, just may be, the tour was useful benchmarking for some MPs.

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