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February 18, 2019

Album Review: The Internet's "Hive Mind"

The Internet's "Hive Mind" album cover art
The Internet's "Hive Mind" album cover art

Title: Hive Mind

Artiste: The Internet

Genre: Alternative R&B /Soul

Release: July 20


In 2015, the Internet, comprising Syd Tha Kyd, Steve Lacy, Matt Martian, Christopher Smith and Patrick Paige II, offered the world the spectacular, Grammy-nominated ‘Ego Death’. It was a display of serious ingenuity from a quintet that actually made them who they are today. Now, they’ve released their fourth studio album, ‘Hive Mind’, which in all essence amplifies their presence in the R&B/Soul scene.

In the three-year interim between projects, the group was on individual projects, with Syd being the most visible with several collaborative efforts and her 2017 album ‘Fin’. Martian’s 2017 ‘The Drum Chord Theory,’ Steve Lacy’s 2017 EP ‘Steve Lacy’s Demo,’ Smith’s 2017 ‘Loud’ and Patrick Paige II’s 2018 ‘Letters of  Irrelevance’ were also significant attempts by the other band members to explore and exhibit their relevance.

Listening through the 13 tracks for 57 minutes without multiple guest artistes to elevate the project is just mind-blowing, as the group already has all the talent it requires. If you truly love this compilation, you are certainly responding to the provocation of beats or the bliss created by the group’s idiosyncrasy. What we know is that the Internet is not your typical band.

The album kicks off with “Come Together,” a track that emphasises the importance of the band coming back together to showcase a new energy. The first track, “Roll (Burbank Funk)”, features vocals from guitarist Steve Lacy. “Come Over” is the second single, which has a rather sensual inclination. This is followed by the album’s the third release, “La Di Da”, performed by Syd and Steve. “Stay The Night” showcases Syd’s vocals, which spread hard over the toned-down tune. This is still the case on “Bravo” and “Mood”. The band’s experimental nature can be felt on “Next Time/Humble Pie”, with its two distinct parts that still remain to the track. “It Gets Better (With Time)”, which incorporates a verse from Big Rube and Patrick Paige II, assures hope. Other significant tunes include “Wanna Be,” “Beat Goes On” and “Hold On”.

Experimentation in R&B is full of memorable moments, especially for a music group like The Internet. The production involved leaves fans in awe of the extent they are willing to push their music. It’s deep but you have to lean in to discover the wonders of good music created by these geniuses. 


Star Rating: 4 out of 5

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