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December 16, 2018

Woman evicted as county claims land

Grace Wangui, a widow who was evicted in South C.Photo Julius Otieno
Grace Wangui, a widow who was evicted in South C.Photo Julius Otieno

A widow has accused some tenants of Akiba Estate and the South C MCA of forcibly evicting her from her home.

Grace Wangui claimed she had lived for 33 years in the house on a plot donated to her by the old city council, .

The now homeless mother of three has accused residents and MCA Osman Khalif of colluding to evict he last week.

“This has been my home for many years and I don’t understand why I am being evicted. I am diabetic and I have nowhere to go now,” Wangui said. A group of residents led by former nominated MCA Tabitha Digirigicame to her support, claiming she was unfairly evicted.

Wangui said the place served as both her home as well as a kindergarten.

But Khalif and some residents said Wangui had occupied public land that was meant for a children’s playground.

children’s playground

“It is not me doing it, this is something that started long before I was elected. The ward administrator was in charge and he was acting on the instructions given by the governor,” Khalif said.

He said he has documents which show the land is public and meant for a children’s playground.

“We have already erected a gate and painted it with county colours to show that it is a public land meant for our children,” Khalif said.

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