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February 21, 2019

Corridors of Power

Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya addressing the public during the launch of the county courts on Wednesday Photo/Hilton Otenyo.
Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya addressing the public during the launch of the county courts on Wednesday Photo/Hilton Otenyo.

Was former Kakamega senator Bonni Khalwale the reason why Governor Wycliffe Oparanya used to snub summonses by the Senate? Well, Corridors overheard some senators in Parliament saying how the governor readily accepted to appear before the Senate CPAIC committee for the first time since Khalwale’s exit. During his entire first term, Oparanya who is also the ODM Deputy Party leader refused to attend senate committee meetings. But he appeared and dutifully responded to audit queries this time round, to the amusement of many. Politics!


A wife to a former government official from Western region recently shocked revelers at a party held in Nairobi. The woman who was inebriated shouted at a prominent businessman from the county asking him why he was still alive. “I thought you died long time ago. So you are alive?” the woman said as she hugged the businessman who pretended not to be shocked. However, her aides had to intervene and whisk her away after she started telling the man how she gave him one of her step daughters as a second wife and the man did little to keep the woman. “You were a contractor, the county paid you a lot of money, how the hell could you not keep her as a second wife? ”, she let out to the disbelief of the husband.


A Deputy Governor of a Rift Valley county has shocked residents with his insatiable and reckless appetite for ladies. So far, the middle-aged man has impregnated a nominated MCA and nominee for CEC position among many others that has left the residents of the county shocked and amused. The man, who was struggling financially before landing on his new position, is said to entertain ladies only in his office till late in the night before choosing who to take to his hotel room which he has made his home even though his family does not live far from the town.


It is only recently that Nairobi governor Mike Sonko was complaining that a faction of State officers and covert operatives were working against his administration. The county chief then shifted his operations to his Machakos home from where he run his government temporarily. However, things seem to have changed and Sonko has been operating from City Hall with what appears to be a more than cordial working relationship with the national government. Corridors is asking who blinked first. Did his ‘enemies’ decide to allow the flamboyant governor work or did Sonko run them out of town? Only time will tell.

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