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January 17, 2019

City Hall plans law on water vending

A man pulls a cart to transport water in  Nairobi./ EZEKIEL AMINGÁ
A man pulls a cart to transport water in Nairobi./ EZEKIEL AMINGÁ

The county government wants a law enacted to regulate water vending.

The Water committee led by chairman Paul Kados has raised concern over supply of water by bowsers.

“Nairobians believe the bowsers supplying water to their homes are owned by the county, which is false. That also makes us question whether the water supplied by the bowsers is safe for human consumption,” Kados said.

Appearing before the assembly’s sectoral committee on Water and Sanitation on Tuesday, managing director of Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company Nahashon Muguna said there is no law regulating boreholes and water bowsers.

“The work of the bowsers was to deliver water in places where pipes were under maintenance or had burst. But what we see today is the bowsers delivering water regardless of water supplied through pipes,” Muguna said.

A task force should be formed to draft regulations on water vending, he said.

Kados said the task force will include members from NCWSC, the Water and Environment committees, public health officials and the county legal team.

Embakasi MCA Michael Ogada said the proposed committee should form a subcommittee to supervise the task force and ensure it delivers its mandate.

Water bowsers supplying water within the city are a common sight.

Perpetual shortages in some estates like Dagoretti and Kariobangi keep the operators in business.

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