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January 21, 2019

It’s your time to shine, Jeff told as Jalang’o quits Hot 96

Jeff Koinange and Jalang'o
Jeff Koinange and Jalang'o

Jalang’o has joined the long list of media personalities who have been moving from station-to-station this year, after quitting from Hot 96. Rumour has it he will be joining Milele FM.

He has been working on the morning show with Jeff Koinange for a year now, and broke the news yesterday morning in a long post, thanking Jeff for mentoring him.

"My brother… My Mentor… My Friend and my partner… I haven’t even called you to say bye because I don’t know what to tell... I guess my voice will shake all through and maybe I’d want to lie and maybe tell you I’ll be back… It’s your time to shine on! Hold the fort! You’ve always done it so it shouldn’t be different!" he said.

The many lessons Jeff taught him and the memories shared included: "Making me believe in myself again, that I can fit in any place even when people didn’t believe in me. You made me shine among the elite!"

Jalang'o also credited Jeff with getting along with him, despite coming from different walks of life. "No single day did you ever look down on me. You held my hands and we created something beautiful #JeffAndJalasOnHot96."

He learned something new from Jeff every day, and that gave him the reason to want to wake up each day. "Your experience in the industry is something I needed and you made working with you a vacation each day!"

When the show started, it was viewed as a mismatch. "I remember you telling me to watch this space! See what it became… A monster show!"

Jalang'o urged Jeff to "keep being the amazing guy you are. The show must go on… Smoooking!"






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