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January 20, 2019

Corridors of Power

Uhuru Kenyatta
Uhuru Kenyatta

A senior aide of President Uhuru Kenyatta (pictured) was an embarrassment during the World Cup finals at the KICC two weeks ago. The man was caught on camera spewing vomit on his bodyguard moments after stepping away from Deputy President William Ruto. It is not clear why the man was vomiting, but we hear he could have swallowed one too many on an empty stomach.

One of the loudest members of Team TangaTanga that has been vocal against the lifestyle audit has acquired 11 acres in Karen whose average market value is above Sh220 million. The money, paid in cash, was delivered by some of his aides. Corridors is told that the man and others could have stashed lots of hard cash and the fear that some currencies could be recalled from circulation has forced the man to invest in anything. Ahem!

Still on matters related to huge amounts that could be proceeds of corruption, a bird whispers to Corridors that an aide to a senior politician is counting losses after his driver vanished with close to Sh20 million. The driver-cum-bodyguard is said to have driven his boss to his popular gym at a city hotel. At the parking, he decided to dust the rear of the black Mercedes Benz. In the process, a smell of fresh notes wafted from the boot. The man could not resist the temptation so he opened the boot only to find lots of notes — dollars — stashed in large brown envelopes. Those in know say the man quickly transferred the money to a friend’s car and disappeared. The boss came out of the gym to find his car minus the attendant. The man is said to have bought himself a choice piece of land.

A senior policewoman attached to the Traffic department at JKIA has become a nuisance. She has perfected the art of soliciting for bribes from motorists on flimsy grounds. Recently, she is reported to have commandeered one driver into the JKIA police station on grounds that the AC system was not working. The motorist asked her if it’s an offence but she wouldn’t budge until she had extracted Sh3,000. Motorists hope Inspector General Joseph Boinnet will come to their aid soon.

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