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February 22, 2019

Nyeri residents in fear as stray dogs increase, demand action

Nyeri town /FILE
Nyeri town /FILE

Nyeri residents have raised the alarm over increased stray dogs, which they say can become deadly.

Hannah Wangechi yesterday said they have contacted the veterinary department over the matter although the county is yet to respond.

Agriculture and Livestock executive Henry Kinyua asked residents to report the incidences.

“There are so many stray dogs on the outskirts of the town. We want to know the measures the county is taking to address the issue,” Wangechi said.

Ring Road estate is the most affected. Wangechi said dogs have been let loose by their owners. Pedestrians have been forced to avoid the road because of fear.

In September last year, a two-year-old grandson of former governor Nderitu Gachagua was mauled to death by six dogs in Ring Road. The dogs were later killed.

A year earlier, a 75-year-old man was attacked and killed by two German shepherd dogs in Kamakwa area, some two kilometres from Nyeri town.

The two incidents have instilled fear in residents. Elizabeth Wanjiru said dogs are all over the area. She is a resident of Ngangarithi, where there is a dumpsite.

Kinyua said veterinary officers have been sent to advise owners on proper handling as a way of addressing the problem.

“The team has been training residents and advising them to keep a number of dogs that they can easily feed and house. They have also vaccinated the dogs against rabies,” Kinyua said in a statement released through the directorate of communication.

The official said the problem would be addressed if owners take responsibility of keeping their dogs.

He said it is difficult to kill the dogs after the baiting and poisoning method was banned because it was deemed inhumane.

“The next method is to trap the dogs and have a vet inject them with poison that will kill them humanely before burying them,” Kinyua said.

The method requires many traps in public spaces, making it difficult to use, Kinyua said. He said the county is exploring the best ways to tackle the problem.

Kinyua promised residents that action will soon be taken.

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