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December 14, 2018

Muthiga ‘bringing back’ the RnB vibe

Emmie Muthiga
Emmie Muthiga

Contemporary-pop artiste Emmie Muthiga, best known for the song Tusonge Mbele, has released a new single, Body.

Speaking to Word Is, Emmie said: “I wanted something fun and casual. I’ve never been serious when it comes to relationships, so I just wanted to drop from that experience. Not that it’s going to be like that forever.”

Adding, “It’s RnB but it has a bit of Afro-pop. In Kenya, hip hop is heavy but RnB is not dead, we are trying to bring its vibe back. There is a lot of feeling when it comes to RnB. If you want to tap into it, there is a lot you have to do, like being open-minded about it and allow yourself to feel it.”

The singer once worked for Sauti Sol as an intern, and she says it was “a great experience”.

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