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February 16, 2019

Trendsetter: Zikki's music is transcending borders


About two years ago, the spotlight was shone upon Morris Bianju, better known for his stage name Zikki. His very first national exposure came with instant success in his joint venture with Jaguar on “Take It Slow”. It gained over two million views on YouTube, which is a rarity with most new, up-and-coming artistes. Typically, it would take a couple of tracks and years of experience before an artiste can enjoy such tremendous numbers.

As far as Kenyan crooners go, Zikki is the most devout musician you are likely to find. He comes from a humble background where not much was expected of him, but he doesn’t let that determine his career path. He’s endlessly optimistic and striving for the best things in life. He may appear mischievous with his trademark dreadlocks, but there’s something animated about his demeanour.

Zikki commands a particular kind of energy that got him recognised the first time he appeared on mainstream platforms. Whereas the industry appears not to favour local artistes, he seems to be doing big things effortlessly whenever he wants to. Immediately after his debut, his next shots at glory were his collaborative efforts “Adhiambo” featuring Timmy Tdat and 2GB’s “ Nikujue”.

His most recent endeavor saw him visit Jamaica, where he got to strengthen his presence with his latest hit “Kamata” alongside reggae-dancehall prodigy Tarrus Riley. He managed to bounce back from a number of bumps in the road to make himself significant again, this time making a more promising statement of ensuring he delivers an endless catalogue full of thrill.

Zikki’s vision is not to limit his music to the Kenyan market, but reach the entire world. He understands the importance of impacting globally. Despite beating the stack odds of his earlier existence, his recent track conveys a subtle message of dreams being a reality. Is he able to hold his own and outshine himself? Well, grab your popcorns cause the show has just started.


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