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February 18, 2019

Film Review: Hotel Transylvania 3 takes the monsters on a much-deserved summer vacation


Starring: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, David Spade, Steve Buscemi, Keegan-Michael Key, Molly Shannon, Fran Drescher, Kathryn Hahn

Directed by: Genndy Tartakovsky

Release date: July 13


What would Dracula and a bunch of monsters need on a summer vacation? A whole lot of sunscreen! Since Dracula is resolved on giving all his guests at his Hotel Transylvania a good vacation, he hardly has time to leave the hotel, let alone take a vacation. His daughter Mavis announces that the whole family needs to take a vacation together, so she surprises them with a monster cruise. The cruise is run by human captain Ericka. Dracula is captivated by Ericka. Although he feels ashamed at what the others — his daughter especially — would think of him being in love with a human.

Ericka turns out to be the great-granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing, a famous monster hunter who has been trying to kill Dracula for many years! Van Helsing has mechanised himself to avoid death as he wants to kill Dracula before he dies. So he uses Ericka to get to Dracula. But his plan fails when Ericka falls in love with Dracula, too.

The simplistic plot with slapstick humour is characteristic of any Adam Sandler film. He simplifies the story to make room for a good time. Being familiar with Sandler’s production, one can always be ready to meet his expectation. The film is nothing short of a 90-minute goofy distraction. And at the core of it lies the simple message that Sandler has been trying to bring across in all three films: our differences don’t and shouldn’t define the relationships we have, because underneath it all, we are all pretty much the same.


Star rating: 3/5 stars

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