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February 17, 2019

Nyamira MCAs call deputy governor Amos Nyaribo a despot

Nyamira county assembly in session
Nyamira county assembly in session

Nyamira county assembly on Wednesday unanimously voted to return the budget estimates to the governor for assent. 

The Mca’s accused the deputy governor Amos Nyaribo for ashaming them by trying to reject the budget appropriation which they had passed earlier.

“He should resign because he would not handle his job, now that the governor has returned, we expect the estimates to be assented,” Bomwagamo ward Mca Charles Barongo said.

The Mca's said the deputy governor only wanted to make a history for nothing saying the governor himself has never did memoranda at any given time.

“The history that the deputy governor wants to make will not bring any change to this county. From the mood of this assembly it is clear that this particular memorandum cannot be honored at all. Our medical staff has not been paid, our county workers need their pay,” he said.

Nominated Mca Innocent said the deputy governor had demonstrated his inability in the office.

“He  has demonstrated his inability by rejecting the proposal. To make matters worse he has not proposed any amendments in his memoranda,”Innocent said.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Nominated Mcas Fredrick Mosiori who said the deputy governor is mockery to the voters.

“The deputy governor is despotic, a mockery to the voters of this great county and a shame to all of us. We therefore reject the memo and we want to let the executive know that we are not a continuation of any of the assemblies that had existed,” Mosiori said.

 The assembly of Nyamira passed the budget estimates on June 28, whereby they also passed the county appropriation bill on the following day June, 29 which was later presented to the deputy governor for assent.

The county assembly received memoranda from the deputy governor on July 9, where the assembly voted to return the estimates for assent within seven days.

All the 32 Mca’s who were present in the assembly voted for the return of the proposal for assent, only four were absent.

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