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February 21, 2019

DJ Pierra Makena recounts praying for her unborn child

Pierra Makena
Pierra Makena

DJ Pierra Makena has opened up in a way that no one expected she would. She told her fans that she prayed day and night asking God to "please be the father of my unborn child".

Pierra wrote on her Instagram, "I honestly was a little below rock bottom. I remember I sat in my car and I played and replayed Mwema by Mercy Masika. I cried so many times to God and prayed so many different prayers because I didn't know what would be good for me anymore."

Adding, "I remember looking up and telling God, 'Please, please! Be the father to my unborn child... I don't ever want to be like this again. And in my car in the house I just replayed the song like 100 times."

The spin doctor has always spoken about her absent baby's father, who at the time was engaged to someone else and did not want anything to do with her. He did not offer to help raise the child, either.

"I did not have a job and my savings had run out. My family and very close friends were great support; otherwise, I would have died of depression. I always imagined giving birth and having the father of my unborn child holding my hand and helping, even if it is with a diaper. But I was alone with many questions and fear."

The support is not lost on her, Pierra added, "Thanks to anyone who stood up for me and shared my tears. Let's enjoy the smiles..."

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