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January 21, 2019

Come out and help Kamaru, urges Njogu wa Njoroge

Gukena FM presenter Njogu Wa Njoroge
Gukena FM presenter Njogu Wa Njoroge

Gukena FM presenter Njogu wa Njoroge will spearhead efforts to raise money for the treatment of veteran Kikuyu pop musician Joseph Kamaru, who is critically ill.

Speaking to Word Is, Njogu said, "Kamaru is legendary. In my 17 years in broadcast, I have been playing his music each and every morning of my show. He is respected and it is so unfortunate that in his old age, he is appealing for medical help."

Njogu believes someone may have taken advantage of Kamaru's hard work.

"It is not that Kamaru wasn't careful with his money. He composed his songs and went to studio and recorded and released his songs, but someone else was misusing his money. Our government has never come up with a policy to help musicians gain from what they do," he said.

"Kamaru has done over a hundred songs, and, therefore, he should be given equal treatment with what an international artiste. I remember when Kanda Bongo Man came to Kenya and Kamaru challenged him at Nyayo Stadium. I am hoping that this will be a wake up call to the government because some of these organisations, like MCSK, only pretend to be helping artistes but they are just ticks that are just enriching themselves with people's work."

The Kikuyu presenter issued a public appeal to ensure he gets the treatment he deserves.

"I am appealing to people and even our leaders to come out and help Kamaru. As Gukena FM family, we will create a way of raising funds to help his treatment. I would also like to urge our fans and his fans to come out in big numbers and support him."

During a visit by three MPs, Kamaru said he is still passionate about singing. "My name was written even before I was born and even now I can sing, just that I am not feeling well," he said, adding that he has done so much for this country and his message to the President is to lead the country without fear.

Maina Kageni also promised to spearhead efforts to raise funds to support Kamaru. "We need to put one concert for him and I know he will get better. We celebrate his music," he said.

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