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February 21, 2019

Tutors horrified by sodomy of four pupils in Ol Kalou school

Nyandarua first lady,Ann Kimemia,address pupils of Munyeki primary school,Ol kalou.on Friday
Nyandarua first lady,Ann Kimemia,address pupils of Munyeki primary school,Ol kalou.on Friday

Pupils and teachers at Munyeki Primary School, Ol Kalou, say they are still traumatised after four Standard One pupils were sodomised. 

In May, 15 parents complained that their children were molested by Standard Seven and Eight colleagues.

Police investigations later revealed that four pupils had been victims. Two Standard Eight pupils were arrested and charged. 

Senior teacher Duncan Mutune said their reputation has been dented. He spoke when Ann Kimemia and Education executive Faith Mbugua visited the school. 

“What we’ve been going through is traumatising. We’ve not been fully comfortable to handle our duties,” Mutune said.

He said they are ready to put the assault behind them so they can deliver on their mandate and ensure their pupils excel.

“With the support given to us by the government and other stakeholders, we feel empowered. Some people expect our performance, which has been rising, to drop, but let me assure you we have settled and are going to do great things,” Mutune said.

Kimemia, wife of Nyandarua governor Francis Kimemia, said “there is hope” and urged the teachers and pupils to ignore the “negative publicity and focus on your work”.


parents’ role

“As a mother, I encourage the school not to be held to ransom by what happened in the past. We’ve discussed with the teachers and explored ways to deal with indiscipline and prevent such problems from recurring,” she said.

Kimemia said teachers should not be condemned for pupils’ misconduct. She urged parents to team up with school managements to help their children, and cautioned them against abandoning their role of instiling discipline in their children.

Children import to school what they learn at home and in the community, hence, moulding them into good citizens must be a collective responsibility, Kimemia said.

 She said the church also has a role to play in ensuring society upholds moral values. 


mentorship programme

“Our children are our heritage. We have every reason to ensure their safety is guaranteed. Parents are worried when their children’s security is threatened. That’s why we, leaders, want to ensure such problems are eradicated,” Kimemia said.

She donated underwear to the pupils. Kimemia plans to visit all schools under a mentorship programme initiated by her office.

Mutune said they have identified the loopholes exploited by pupils to commit crime. They will deal with the pupils “individually and objectively” to ensure they all remain disciplined and remain true to the school’s values, he said.

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