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February 21, 2019

Corridors of Power

DP William Ruto speaking at Chesegem in Eldoret
DP William Ruto speaking at Chesegem in Eldoret

Just who were the critics that Deputy President William Ruto (pictured) lashed out at for castigating his hefty donations to church fundraisers? Well, Ruto vowed to continue splashing millions of shillings towards church projects, alleging that his critics have been spending their money on consulting witchdoctors at night. “If you investigate these people very well, they take their money to witchdoctors at night, but we take our money to church during the day for the work of God,” Ruto said. Well, only time will tell on the exact individuals the Deputy President was referring to in his statement at AIPCA Patanisho in Kayole, Nairobi.

A senior official at a strategic parastatal within the Agriculture ministry is on the spot for allegedly making Sh6 million fictitious imprest claims. The officer was recently sent on an official assignment in a West African country for three days. He returned home last week and made the claim. But when pressed to produce the necessary accounting documents required to approve his claim, he was unable to back up his demand. A memo was written to him to explain the claims. It is said that officers in the government agency have been using fake documents to process false claims until a new top official arrived last month. The tough-talking official has now blocked revenue streams used by some rogue officers who have been making ridiculous claims.

A member of “the Tangatanga Squad” from central Kenya who had gone quiet of late has resumed his role in the team. The MP, who previously skipped many of the meetings by DP William Ruto, was lately in the news for bungling a parliamentary committee investigation report. Corridors is aware the lawmaker had earlier reduced his engagements with the DP but changed his mind following a barrage of criticism from colleagues over claims he and his fellow members did a shoddy job in the sugar probe.

 One of the top Mt Kenya leaders is on a rampage mode, grabbing communal land and other parcels at the centre of conflict in one of the region’s counties. The leader is also said to have acquired three properties, including hotels, in Nairobi.

Supporters of one of the Nyanza governors entangled by a poll petition were overheard saying the case will be dismissed by court following a visit by the county chief’s party leader. But the question that lingers on the minds of our moles is, “Can a party leader influence an outcome of the ruling that is slated to be delivered on Thursday this week?”

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