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November 21, 2018

No bursary for poor performers in Bura

Bura MP Ali Wario speaking to the press in Bura town./STEPHEN ASTARIKO
Bura MP Ali Wario speaking to the press in Bura town./STEPHEN ASTARIKO

Students who perform dismally in their studies will not receive Bura CDF bursaries.

MP Ali Wario on Tuesday said they will only help bright students from poor backgrounds. He distributed Sh15 million cheques.

Out of 5,000 applicants, only 1,900 met the criteria set by the board this year. The legislator said they delayed the cash to verify all details.

Wario said some beneficiaries do not attend classes, hence do not deserve the cash.

He said the constituency bursaries board has come up with new vetting rules based on need, performance and school attendance. He said some residents are against the new rules, but he is ready to pay the price — even if it means losing the parliamentary seat.

Secondary school students will get Sh6,000 each — from Sh3,000 issued in previous years. Those in college will receive Sh18,000 — from the previous Sh10,000.

“Some candidates are boda boda riders in Bura and other trading centres across the constituency. They’ve registered but will only appear at the end of the year to sit their exams. We’ll lock them out,” Wario said.

“We’ll work closely with their teachers to ensure they don’t get cash. They don’t attend classes and are chronic absentees. We want only hardworking pupils interested in bettering their lives to benefit.”

He said he will personally monitor the performance of beneficiaries to weed out “crooks” from the kitty.

“There are businessmen here in Bura who receive cheques every term not for their children but for personal gain. I was shocked to learn that some traders took advantage of the weakness in the issuance of the bursaries to benefit,” Wario said.

“We’ve sealed all the loopholes. No undeserving cases will receive a coin this time round.”

He said Sh10 million has been allocated for those who were unsuccessful because of incomplete information or late applications. Wario urged them to reapply and provide all the required details.

“We want no deserving cases locked out,” he said. Wario urged parents to support teachers in improving education standards.

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