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January 21, 2019

Lets strike a balance in toilet debate

Some of the public toilets managed by Mizuka group./MIZUKA
Some of the public toilets managed by Mizuka group./MIZUKA

Public amenities form an integral part of any city the world over and must be kept in the best condition possible by administrators hired to manage the facilities.

Nairobi county must lead by example and ensure key public services such as toilets and parks are in good shape and accessible to all.

Last week, Governor Mike Sonko announced that all public toilets should be free of charge. Firms contracted to run the toilets charge a fee that help them keep the toilets clean and to keep the water running.

Before the private firms, who are now up in arms took over, only the desperate could gather enough courage and dare step into a public toilets in the city. The stench was unbearable, the mess unfathomable. Besides, muggers lay in wait.

While it is the right of Nairobians to use the toilets since they pay taxes, the truth be told, City Hall shamefully failed to keep the toilets clean.

The way out would be a balance where the county runs free toilets in heavy traffic and poor locations, but the private firms manage those in locations where user can pay.

This is the very idea behind toll roads. Motorists can choose a jam-free Express Way, but pay a fee and the rest are free to join the free by slow highway.

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