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February 17, 2019

Washing your face with sparkling water firms your skin -Experts

Washing the face with sparkling water./COURTESY
Washing the face with sparkling water./COURTESY

When it comes to getting a luminous complexion, women the world over have long looked to the East and Korea for skin inspiration.

And while they are often known for their elaborate 10-step skincare regimes, Korean beauty bloggers are also just as renowned for their simple but effective complexion tips.

The latest piece of advice being adopted by skincare devotees around the globe is to wash your face with sparkling mineral water rather than regular tap.

Originally from Japan, but popularised in Korea, this claims to be a skin miracle worker because it purifies the skin after cleansing and firms the overall appearance of your complexion.

Speaking to Coveteur about the approach, Alicia Yoon of Korean beauty site Peach & Lily, said it has been popular for a long time in spas in Korea and Japan:

'Some spas... have used carbonated water to treat the skin,' she explained.

'Sometimes it's soaking the face in this water, or the aesthetician may recommend soaking cotton pads with carbonated mineral water and dabbing them onto the skin (no tugging or rubbing) after cleansing.' 

She continued: 'The idea is that instead of using just plain mineral water, they use carbonated water as well, creating a treatment that is even more nourishing and beneficial.'

The benefits of switching your evening facial wash to sparkling are myriad.

Not only does the mineral water 'help keep the cells between collagen fibres strong', but it also aids the 'overall firmness and plumpness of the skin', said Alicia.

Sparkling water also helps to wash out the pores without too much harshness, and it helps the efficacy of your other skincare products.

For those wanting to get started, simply switch out still tap water for sparkling - and either dab it on a cotton pad on your face or wash your face with it.

You can alternatively look for Korean beauty products that contain the ingredient, including Peach & Lily's Gel to Foam Cleanser. 

Experts warn you shouldn't go too hard with sparkling water at first, as due to the fizzy nature of the water it can be quite harsh if you overuse the water.

However, it is ideal for most skin types, so you shouldn't be afraid if you have a sensitive complexion.

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