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January 20, 2019

Corridors of Power

Former Prime minister Raila Odinga during a CORD parliamentary group meeting.Photo/HEZRON NJOROGE
Former Prime minister Raila Odinga during a CORD parliamentary group meeting.Photo/HEZRON NJOROGE

The frequent visits by key politicians from Mt Kenya to Opposition chief Raila Odinga (pictured) is not sitting well with Deputy President William Ruto’s allies. The feeling is that some of those visiting Raila believe they were victims of Ruto’s machinations during the Jubilee nominations in the last year’s election. On Monday, former Murang’a Senator Kembi Gitura and former nominated counterpart Paul Njoroge separately visited Raila. Some of Ruto’s allies were heard saying Raila should declare whether he will be on the ballot in 2022 or not instead of keeping everyone guessing about his game plan. Raila has said it’s time for healing and he will not be drawn into succession politics just yet.

Are MPs clean in the ongoing war on illicit sugar? Well, sources whispered to Corridors that some MPs have been compromised to protect the sugar barons. Some leaders from Western Kenya have allegedly been compromised. A former lawmaker from the region, Corridors is informed, even took to social media to defend a renowned sugar baron after pocketing his share. Together with some sitting MPs, the leaders have turned the heat on Kenyans asking tough questions regarding the sugar that some in government have concluded is not safe for human consumption.

Some Northeastern residents want a vocal politician from the region to stop using them as a shield. The residents were overheard calling on the senior politician to stop using the crackdown on contraband goods to gain political mileage within the community. The MP, who previously shunned the region’s vernacular stations, has in recent days been moving from one station to the next in defence of the community. However, some residents — or is it foes? — are not amused. Some told Corridors the man is simply defending himself and should not drag the entire community into his wars. They said the first rule of doing business for any Muslim is laid down in the Holy Quran and it is simple – don’t cheat, sell fakes or goods with defects or engage in fraud and tax evasion.

Two MPs from Nyanza and Western are on the spot for persistently demanding handouts from governors from the region. They have made it their routine to stop over at the governors’ offices before proceeding to their respective constituencies. Now the aides to the governors are enraged. They complain that the MPs have turned their bosses into toll stations, instead of discharging their duties. They were heard wondering where the Waheshimiwa are taking their hefty pay and why their governors should pay for their upkeep or political activities.

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