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January 16, 2019

Church should embrace change, nourish creativity

Catholic church nuns leaving the KICC./FILE
Catholic church nuns leaving the KICC./FILE

The youth are leaving the church in droves, not because they are none believers, but because of the boring and old fashioned manner some churches still use to reach them.

It was therefore a breath of fresh air when a Catholic priest in Homa Bay county decide to use rap and skits to pass key social messages.

Today's youth face a myriad of challenges ranging from alcohol and drug abuse, HIV/Aids, teenage pregnancies and peer pressure and the church can play a great role in educating them on such matters.

However to get their hearts and retain their attention calls for creativity and involvement, something that Father Paul Ogalo of St Monica Catholic Church, Rapogi, has done very well after Sunday mass.

Judging by the attendance and the enthusiasm, his message has been hitting home, but the church, instead of embracing this new form of communication, has instead suspended him for a year to "give him time to reconsider his ways" arguing his conduct is not acceptable to his superiors.

It is the church and not only the Catholic church, but other main stream churches, that are still stuck with what the missionaries left behind, that need to reconsider their ways if they hope to win the hearts and minds of the youth.

The Catholic church should let Fr Ogalo do his bit as long as the youth enjoy his sessions.

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