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October 24, 2018

Kanu says it won’t field candidate in Baringo South


Kanu will not field a candidate in the upcoming Baringo South by-election. The party has accused Jubilee of manipulating and poaching its candidate Willy Kamuren.

“Kanu does not wish to engage in political competition that is likely to divide the country at a time efforts are being made to unite Kenyans, following bitter political competition in 2017,” Salat said.

Kamuren, who unsuccessfully contested in 2012 and 2017, defected to Jubilee a few weeks ago and won the party’s acrimonious nomination.

When asked in Parliament about Kanu’s decision yesterday, party leader Gideon Moi (pictured) said, “Go find out where the cuckoo bird lays its eggs.”

Tiaty MP William Kamket said Kanu is focussing on building its popularity across the country. “We are not interested in the small scuffle, but we are focused on the main battle,” he said.

Salat said senior leaders in Jubilee Party, alongside Gideon, had agreed to back one of Grace Kipchoim’s family members for the seat, but the ruling party backed off and approached Kamuren.

Kanu says he (Kamuren) is still in their favour and will complete Kipchoim’s work. Kamuren ditched Kanu during a function attended by Deputy President William Ruto in Baringo on June 3. The DP promised to work with the leaders from the region who had defected to Jubilee.


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