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January 18, 2019

Potty protest: Ndiritu says sorry for disrupting kids’ latrine song

Laikipia County governor Ndiritu Muriithi addressing the media on June 8,2018.Photo Courtesy
Laikipia County governor Ndiritu Muriithi addressing the media on June 8,2018.Photo Courtesy

Laikipia Governor Ndiritu Muriithi yesterday apologised to pupils for furiously stopping their public song about one latrine for more than 300 children.

He said the county education board was discussing the latrine shortage and visted the school on Tuesday.

The embarrassed county boss had stopped the performance by Tharua Primary School pupils. He sent them off and publicly scolded their teachers for encouraging them to sing about their woes and the county’s proverty.

A week ago the pupils were called on to entertain when the governor visited Lamuria Hospital.

This created a furore and the governor was roundly criticised by outraged citizens. So yesterday he called a press conference to say he was sorry for his actions.

But Muriithi also said teachers and parents should apologise to the pupils for “misusing” them. He said their public presentation of the school andcounty inadequacies was misguided.

“On Monday, the county education board deliberated over the issue [latrines] ... We don’t want our children to live with poverty riddled minds,” Muriithi said.

They presented their plight in a song, saying they queue outside one latrine to relieve themselves.

“We go to the latrine in turns and shifts. Some go during the first break, others in the second break while others go during lunch time. Please our able governor come to our rescue,” the pupils sang. 

Outraged citzens formed a WhatsApp group to to raise funds to constructoilets at the school.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria promised to contribute Sh50,000 for toilets. Muriithi said this was fine.

“Kiambu is very developed and they have a lot of money, we encourage them to donate more ney so that we can develop more schools. Those donating money are doing a great job, suppose they contribute Sh100 million?” Muriithi said.

Teachers at Tharua told the Star  county education bosses had criticised them for teaching pupils to express the school’s problems through songs and poems. A teacher and PTA member they have reassured th pupils they did nothing wrong by expressing their plight in a song. They said this is a well-known way of expressing oneself.

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