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January 18, 2019

Plot thickens as Kitengela Girls' director is charged with assault on parent

Njoki Wachuru, the parent who has accused the Kitengela Girls' school director of assault at the school last Saturday, June 9, 2018. /COURTESY
Njoki Wachuru, the parent who has accused the Kitengela Girls' school director of assault at the school last Saturday, June 9, 2018. /COURTESY

Kitengela Girls' school director John Kahoro was taken to court on Tuesday to answer to charges of assaulting a parent.

This was after Njoki Wachuru presented a P3 form to officers at the Kitengela police station indicating she was injured in the face and genitals.

She is the woman who was reportedly facing a probe for causing a scene at the school while demanding for the release of her daughter last Saturday.

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However, the parent contradicted Kahoro's version of the story saying it is the school that had invited her to attend to her sick daughter.

Wachuru, whose first raised the complaint on social media last Sunday, told the Star that she suffered a ‘big cut’ on her genitalia and on the face.

Another teacher linked to the attack was also arraigned in Kajiado to answer to the charge of assault on the woman.

Both him and Kahoro denied the charge and were released on a Sh50,000 bail pending the full hearing of their case later.

The police had earlier indicated that Wachuru would be investigated for causing a scene at the school with intent to put the institution in to disrepute.

But after she presented her P3 form to the police, Kahoro and his co-accused were arrested and immediately taken to court.

Wachuru said that while she was away in Nairobi, she received a call from the school’s principal, a Mrs. Njenga, who wanted her to report there immediately.

The woman said that as she was speaking with the principal, Kahoro allegedly jumped out of his office and shouted at her saying he is offended by the way she was speaking.

"Kahoro said I was making wild claims that the school had murdered my child. He pulled my hair and hit me in the eye."

"While I was still struggling to understand what had actually gone wrong, the director hit my genitalia with his right knee," she said.

Kahoro had claimed the woman had hit her face on the smaller gate at the schools' main entrance, claims that Wachuru dismissed.

"I am a woman, and I love my face. How can I damage my face by hitting it on a metal because of little issues. What I want is justice to prevail," Wachuru said.

"I left the P3 form with the Kitengela police. I could not attend court in Kajiado on Tuesday because I am still bleeding and I cannot use public transport in that condition."

She further denied claims she was drunk on that fateful Saturday. 

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