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January 18, 2019

Fine line between Ruto the DP, Ruto the campaigner

Deputy President William Ruto during a tour of Kisauni, Mombasa county, June 10, 2018. /DPPS
Deputy President William Ruto during a tour of Kisauni, Mombasa county, June 10, 2018. /DPPS

From the onset, we should all appreciate that there is a fine and thin line separating the life of William Ruto the Deputy President and William Ruto the politician and William Ruto the private citizen.

It is therefore difficult to tell when he is campaigning and when he is is discharging his duties as the Deputy President. He himself has been clear that we should all shelve politics until the right time and deliver on campaign promises.

The DP has been doing exactly that — launching roads construction around the country and representing President Uhuru Kenyatta at various functions. This should not be misconstrued to mean that he is campaigning.

Yes, no doubt Ruto will be the Jubilee flagbearer in the 2022 polls. And if in the process of rolling out Jubilee projects he strengthens his candidacy, all well and good. In any case, which politician would not want to build and expand his network?

The general election is so far and yet so near. We should note that the success of the Jubilee administration will greatly impact on Ruto's presidential bid. That is why he is up and down to ensure the President secures an impressive legacy, which will alsobolster his own chances.

After the handshake, there have been major major political developments. Politicians have slowly and secretly started aligning themselves with what they hope is the winning team. Ruto has become the major beneficiary of the handshake. There is confusion in the opposition whether Raila Odinga will run again.

Every weekend politicians from across the divide are meeting the electorate. They most likely want to have a leader they associate with and in this case, they have found DP Ruto as that man.

Let me also point out the DP is exceeding energetic. He can plan several functions in one day and attend all of them. Naturally, when people see him campaigning in various corners of the country within one day, they would think he is on the campaign trail.

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