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January 17, 2019

Kavuludi team verifies 3,739 junior cops' degree certificates

Administration police performing a silent drill during a pass out parade at Embakasi APTC, 2016. /FILE
Administration police performing a silent drill during a pass out parade at Embakasi APTC, 2016. /FILE

The National Police Service Commission verified degree certificates for 3,739 officers in 11 counties at the end of phase one of the vetting.

The certificates are held by junior officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Kenya Police, and Administration Police.

Most of those who submitted their certificates fall in the ranks of constable, corporal, sergeant, and senior sergeants.

The verification by NPSC was conducted between May 2-5 at selected centres.

In the second phase, the Johnstone Kavuludi team will undertake to establishing whether the degrees are genuine.

This will involve the Commission on University Education, the State Department of University Education, the National Police Service, and the Kenya National Qualifications Authority.

The commission and NPS were shocked after most officers, including those with bachelors of law degrees, failed the inspectors' law test at the Kenya Police College in Nyeri in January.

All cops who got degrees while in service and elevated to job group "J" were demoted back to job group "F" and their salaries slashed in March and April pending the ongoing authentication of their degree certificates.

The rationalisation is targeting those that forged degrees and colluded with the human resources department to be awarded unjustified promotions to the job group "J".

The exercise will determine the officers' redeployment depending on their competencies.

"Several police officers have acquired degrees in specialised fields but were currently deployed in general duty areas. Officers from the DCI have not had their [graduate status] reinstated and were hence earning negative salaries," NPSC said in a statement.

"The commission and the service [NPS] have a pool of graduates from which they can easily pick officers to be re-designated as cadets."

The NPS has two entry levels - the ordinary recruits who join the service at the lowest rank -constable  and cadets for graduates who join the service at the Inspector's rank.

Officers recruited  at the constabulary rank get promotion to job group "J" same as members of the inspectorate - inspectors and chief inspectors after acquiring degree certificates but remain at the constable rank and have to follow the routine police promotion procedures before attaining the senior ranks.

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