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October 17, 2018

Tuwei asks coaches, athletes to volunteer details on suspected anti-doping violators

Athletics Kenya president Jackson Tuwei
Athletics Kenya president Jackson Tuwei

Athletics Kenya president Jackson Tuwei wants coaches and athletes to name individuals suspected of introducing Kenyans to doping.

Tuwei told athletes and managers at the 35th annual inter-colleges championships in Tambach to help AK unravel the culprits.

The AK boss dismissed accusations that the federation has been silent on doping allegations leveled against of some top Kenyan runners.

He said there is need for thorough investigations on the allegations.

“We don’t take action based on hearsay. It could be that it is done by one person in a training camp. Why is it that the coaches are not telling us the chemists and the people involved? asked Tuwei.

“You are responsible for anything that enters your body. You should come out and tell us who is doing this [doping], where and when,” he told the athletes.

Tuwei asked Kenyans with any information that will help get into the root of the vice in the country to volunteer it to the relevant authorities.

He said the country has over 10,000 athletes and a majority of them are running clean.

“It only less than 100 out of the over 10,000 athletes who have been suspected of engaging in unfair practices and this is a small percentage. It has attracted attention globally because those affected are high ranking athletes,” he said.

He challenged teacher trainees who competed during the Tambach championships to spearhead efforts to fight doping when they complete their college studies. Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya, Tuwei said, has been carrying out adequate sensitisation in training camps.

At the same time, Tuwei said AK is in talks with the ministry of education to alter primary and secondary school athletics calender to match AK’s calendar.

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