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January 19, 2019

I'm not returning today, go on hunger strike, Miguna tells patriots

NRMKe leader Miguna Miguna at JKIA after he was denied entry to Kenya in March, 2018. /EZEKIEL AMING'Á
NRMKe leader Miguna Miguna at JKIA after he was denied entry to Kenya in March, 2018. /EZEKIEL AMING'Á

Firebrand lawyer Miguna Miguna has postponed his trip back to Kenya citing states' failure to issue him with a valid passport.

"I was determined to arrive home on schedule, however, just before my departure, I reluctantly cancelled my flight to Nairobi and postponed my next arrival date," he said.

Miguna said he has instructed his lawyers to move to court with a view of challenging the Department of Immigration refusal to issue him with a valid Kenyan passport.

"We will provide you with my new arrival date as soon as the court gives further directions on this matter," he said in a statement.

Miguna further asked NRMKe patriots to engage in peaceful protests "against the illegitimate regime's continued violation of his rights and those of millions of Kenyans".

"Hold processions, sit-ins, street protests, hunger strikes, and use all media at your disposals against the escalating tyranny and the culture of impunity," he said.

The self-declared NRMKe leader claimed that NASA is dead and with ODM having essentially joined Jubilee, the NRMKe is the new Kenyan opposition.

"We will and must march on until we defeat those trying to institutionalise the culture of impunity. We must establish a merit based democratic society," he said.

Miguna's woes started after he stamped documents for Nasa principal Raila Odinga's swearing-in as the People's President on January 30.  

He was first deported on February 6 and later on March 28 after he was denied entry for lacking a passport.

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The lawyer, after arriving in Canada, claimed he was sedated and put on a Dubai-bound plane against his will. 

Miguna claimed he was forced to stay in a toilet at the JKIA for two days.

He vehemently refused to renew his passport or even apply for a fresh Visa on entry. 

This was after the court issued orders which required Interior ministry and the Immigration department to issue him with a passport.

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