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January 18, 2019

City hall, disability council to clear beggars from CBD

A street beggar with her child along Harambee Avenue, Nairobi. /FILE
A street beggar with her child along Harambee Avenue, Nairobi. /FILE

The Nairobi county will arrest unregistered persons living with disability found begging in the CBD.

The National Council of Disability will also take part in the exercise aimed at kicking our beggars out of the streets.

Nairobi county executive for Education and social services Janet Ouko said that those arrested will be taken to Waithaka in Dagoreti for rehabilitation.

"80 per cent of the beggars are people with disabilities and they are being used by business cartels to extort city residents," Ouko said.

Already key areas have been identified for the major crackdown.

Ngara, Temple road, Kenya archives and areas near major hotels in the CBD have been declared beggars free.

NCPWD Chairman Mohamed Gabbow said it is important for the disabled people to use the right channels set up to seek help.

Gabbow said the council through the national government has key initiatives targeting registered people with disabilities.

"I urge the County Government to conduct a sensitization programme  in order to register the PWDs who are Kenyans," said Gabbow

The city has recently experienced an influx in the number of beggars spread across major streets.

Previous efforts to kick them out have failed but the county says it will carry out the exercise regularly.

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