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January 16, 2019

Corridors of Power

Edwin Sifuna during a rally at Kamukunji on July 7, 2017. /ENOS TECHE
Edwin Sifuna during a rally at Kamukunji on July 7, 2017. /ENOS TECHE

Our mole tells Corridors that some ODM followers are eager to hear when Edwin Sifuna and the party's leadership will organize his homecoming ceremony now that he has been gazetted as the powerful Sec Gen. Some followers were even heard in Nairobi streets questioning why the ODM leader Raila Odinga and his brigade have have forgotten to take Sifuna to his backyard the way they have been doing to all elected leaders, including MCAs. What surprises ODM followers is why Sifuna has not been aggressive in popularizing his party as he has in neighboring counties such as Kakamega and Raila's stronghold of Nyanza where he has been traversing.


A Jubilee legislator from Rift Valley is a man in trouble. Reason? The youthful man is said to have recently pledged to buy goods worth Sh300,000 from the residents but has become so evasive since he made the pledge. This his shocked residents especially after vowing during campaigns last year that uplifting the struggling youth and women will be top on his agenda once he gets to Parliament. A mole has told corridors that the man who has avoided his former friends before he became an MP has become the subject of much talk in social places. Besides, the party leadership is said to be very upset with the man.


A communication director at one of the governors' offices in Eastern region is said to be suffering from a serious inferiority complex. Word has it that the former correspondent who found his way into the governor's press department as a reward for his sycophancy recently barred a section of correspondents from covering an event organized by the governor. It is said a local radio correspondent was ordered to leave the event and never to cover any of the governor's events. Area journalists have sworn to avoid any dalliance with the scribe for making their lives difficult while he is supposed to be a bridge between journalists and the governor.


A land registrar in one of the sub-counties of Kisumu seems to be untouchable. A little bird has whispered to Corridors that the officer has been bragging openly how he is connected to land officers at Ardhi House in Nairobi to the point of controlling them. The officer is said to have stayed in the sub-county for now two decades and has turned himself into a tingod. What has angered residents is his behavior of levying illegal land charges running into thousands on anyone seeking services from his officers.The angry residents are now calling on Lands Cabinet Secretary Farida Karoney to come to their rescue by removing the officer.

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