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January 24, 2019

Wet and wonderful

This year the long rains began promptly at the end of February. Initially there were not many floods, as the ground was dry and much of the water was absorbed. However as the weeks went by, the rains increased and continued. The previously dry ground reached saturation point, causing the excess water to flow and flood.

Roads have turned into rivers, and normally dry grasslands have become wetlands. The park is starting to look more like Lake Nairobi National Park. Perhaps KWS should introduce boat rides as tourist option? With this constant heavy rain, many of the roads have become impassable for almost any vehicle. In recent days many 4x4 vehicles have been rescued with tractors, winches and various other muddy methods.

However even with the heavy rains and just driving on the tar road and some of the drivable main roads, we are still amazed at the variation of wildlife that can still be seen, with many of the species behaving differently due to the rains. Some seemed to be celebrating by running around in the mud, or splashing in the water. Many bird species appeared to be hard at work with nest building and finding food. There are also many beautiful plants flowering now. In the Nairobi National Park there is always something interesting to see when it is wet and wonderful, and bursting with new life !

The park is currently looking very lush and green, but it is not advisable to visit if driving a normal passenger sedan, until the rains slow down and the roads are dry enough! Please be wise in the wet, while enjoying the wonderful spectacle of nature in this precious national park.

The park is open daily from 06h00 to 19h00 .

For more information on the park you can link to the following websites or or on facebook – Nairobi national park



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