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January 17, 2019

Samantha Chronicles: The friend factor

She got the million dollar
Million dollar, ooh ooh ooh
She got that million dollar
Million dollar, ooh ooh ooh
And all I wanna do is touch it
Touch it, touch it, ooh ooh ooh
Make her tap out

The effect that this is having on my body is madness. I have never been in this state of arousal before. My nipples are hard and he hasn’t even touched them yet. My panties are soaked. My breathing is getting labored. All this from Mike singing in my ear. Well I guess someone referring to your secret garden, as his million-dollar plaything will get any girl turned on. I never did end up going for the massage. Go figure.
The trip back to Nairobi is mostly quiet, each of us preoccupied with our own thoughts. He drops me off.
“What’s are your plans for this evening?” he asks.
“I’m meeting a friend for dinner,” I respond.
“Call me after,” he says.
We have just spent 3 days together and he wants to see me again this evening?
“Ok…” I say hesitantly.
Dinner is great and my friend wants me to spill the tea. Every single, little detail of my tryst.
“Well, don’t leave me hanging,” she says. “Spill it.”
The word tea is this context is slang for gossip or news. The term started within the gay community of San Antonio, Texas and spread originally throughout the South Central region of the United States. It caught on and spread to other countries. It comes from the idea of having old Southern tea parties in the South to gossip behind people's back.
 “I’m not sure I should see him tonight, though,” I say.
“Honey. From the beginning,” she says.
We eat and for the next couple of hours she gets as I willingly give, great tea. She blushes when I get very intimate with the details.
“Where did you get such a man?” she asks in awe.
“I let him pick me up,” I say recalling the night at the club. “He appears quite smitten.”
She encourages me to call him. He lives close to where we’re having dinner so I decide what the hell. After a few rings, I give up. He doesn’t call back.
“Try him again,” she says.
Isn’t this stalker-ish behavior?
“But he asked you to call,” she insists. I try once more and he doesn’t pick up. The problem with girlfriends is that they egg you on to do something you don’t want to and then start making you panic when it doesn’t go according to plan.
“Why isn’t he picking up? That’s strange,” she says ominously.
“I’m sure it’s fine,” I say dismissively. “I’ll pass by his house after I’m done here.”
We wind up dinner and say our goodbyes. I go home, a little relieved that he didn’t call back. My body needs a break from all of that loving.
The next way my phone rings bright and early. It must be Mike.
“Hello,” I say sleepily.
“So, you are at his place?” my friend asks. What the hell? I sit up looking at the time on my bedside clock. It’s too damn early for this shit.
“Yes, I am,” I say. “Can we talk later?” I ask.      
Perhaps that tea I spilt last night was a tad too sweet. Girl has lost her mind. One thing for sure though, those two will never meet. If you tell a girlfriend how incredible a man is in bed you have to keep them apart. Regardless of how strong that friendship is, an amazing lay will be too difficult for even the most loyal friend to resist.
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