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November 20, 2018

Corridors of Power

Inspector general police Joseph Boinett.Photo / JOHN CHESOLI
Inspector general police Joseph Boinett.Photo / JOHN CHESOLI

There is uproar in one of the police stations in Kiambu county where junior officers are being forced to contribute up to Sh1000 each to their boss for a mysterious staff party. The contributions are sent to the boss directly according to disgruntled juniors and have rekindled memories of a similar Sh500 'party' last December where the boss collected the cash but no party took place. The boss who boasts of good connections at Vigilance House has given his officers a deadline of this Sunday to give out the Sh1000 or 'he makes the working environment messy for us'. The juniors are hoping Inspector General Police Joseph Boinnet (pictured) will hear of it and intervene.

Are there plans by land cartels to frustrate new Lands CS Farida Karoney in a her quest to digitize operations in the ministry? A tipster in the land sector has whispered to Corridors that some people in the ministry, working under instructions from the cartels who are said to have connections to powerful politicians, have vowed to frustrate the digitization process. In the words of our informer at Ardhi House, Karoney and PS Nicholas Muraguri should move with speed to transfer some of the staff who have stayed for over 20 years in some sensitive dockets.

Some senior government officials and media gurus are walking a tightrope after a businessman threatened to expose his extortion list following a botched deal to protect his interest in a prime property he had acquired fraudulently. The government officials were to protect the proprietor from other watchdog agencies while the media gatekeepers were charged with ensuring nothing of the irregularly acquired property sees light of day. A small bird told Corridor that the old businessman has now turned his guns on his accomplices after being thoroughly grilled by a government oversight agency and the story getting acres of space in the media. The man who is keeping a list of those whose elbows he greased is now threatening not to go down alone.

Discussion in political circles is spreading like wildfire after word went round that a second time legislator has bought a chopper. According to those in the know, the man cannot keep his mouth shut and has been “boasting about the achievement” as “he is now in a different league of politicians”. However, as the talk is gaining momentum, some are not amused and are questioning the source of his finances as the man was not known to have a background of much more than a few thousands until the 2013 General Election. He was using public transport to and from his village. How fortunes change!




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