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February 21, 2019

Samantha's Chronicles: Forget intuition

Couple in bed
Couple in bed

By the time he shows up, I have eaten, paid my bill and I’m ready to leave. All thoughts of this very ‘sweet’ guy I met are banished. I feel foolish. 

“We can go now,” he says. 

“Go where?” I ask incredulously. “It’s dusk!” 

“I really want to take you away, I’m sorry I fell asleep,” he says. 

This is ridiculous. I need to get out of here. But wait. There’s something he is doing with his tongue that has me distracted. It’s involuntary, he’s licking his lips, probably to moisten them but the action makes me remember last night. That tongue. Oh, lawd!

I’m telling you this story not as it unfolds, meaning I have some hindsight now, as I recollect these events. And let me just say ladies, that nagging feeling that we all have, call it intuition, a gut feeling, whatever. NEVER ignore it. I should have walked away. I knew I should walk away but I stayed. Because of a tongue. 

“We can’t go now, it’s late,” I say, sounding more accommodating. “But if you like, you can come over to my place and we’ll leave in the morning…” 

My eyes are locked on his lips as he continues to moisten them.   

When we get to my house, he doesn’t waste any time. He rips off my panties and proceeds to go down on me. This is obviously a guy who enjoys giving oral pleasure. He thrives on it. He keeps making these low grunts of pleasure as if he’s the one receiving and not giving. It’s very erotic. 

“I could eat your ass out all day,” he says. 

Oh, lawd! Another orgasm. When he’s finally done, he doesn’t expect me to reciprocate. Kindly note that up to this point, we haven’t had intercourse. It’s all about him pleasuring me. And he seems to want it that way. We watch movies for the next couple of hours and fall asleep. The next morning, I wake up to find him at it again. This is too much now! And we’re supposed to be going away together? How will I survive the next 24 hours? I try and push him away.

“Would you like some breakfast?” I ask as I try and duck him. 

“That’s my breakfast right there,” he responds pointing to my vagina. I immediately get wet. He hasn’t even touched me. Oh, lawd! I give in and allow him to do what he does best. The more time I spend with him, the less hang-ups I have and I don’t obsess about not having showered yet. If you ask around, you’ll be surprised what goes on in the minds of the different sexes when they are receiving oral sex. 

For men: This is the best moment of my life. Is it my birthday? Am I taking too long? Hell no, she doesn’t mind. She’s really good at this! Wait. What if she loses her mind and bites it off? She just begged for me to come in her mouth and … She has swallowed!!! Outstanding! She could be marriage material. 

For women: Does this mean I have to blow him? Do I smell or taste okay? Why didn’t I shave? If he’s good, I’mma be his bitch forever. If he’s not good,  I need to fake it and get it over and done with. If he’s so-so, Can you just penetrate me, please? 

Men usually seem luckier, but not today. I’m in the category of ‘I’mma be his bitch forever!’ This thought is interrupted by yet another orgasm.

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