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January 20, 2019

Corridors of Power

NPSC Chairman Johnstone Kavuludi. Photo/File
NPSC Chairman Johnstone Kavuludi. Photo/File

ELDERS in a South Nyanza village have convened an urgent meeting to curse a local MP who they accused of using youths to beat and maim mourners last weekend during the burial of a respected individual. The MP, who was heckled during NASA leader Raila Odinga's recent tour of the area, unleashed his boys on the mourners after insisting that he must address the congregation before burial. Trouble started when the presiding church preacher started complaining of bad weather and asked to proceed with interring the departed as politicians continued addressing the gathering. But the irate MP insisted he must speak before the body was laid to rest. Efforts to cool the MP and allow the church to proceed resulted in an ugly confrontation as youths who accompanied him clobbered anyone in sight. Three people who were seriously injured are still admitted at the Rachuonyo Level 5 Hospital.


BARELY a week after National Police Service chairman Johnston Kavuludi defended the move to cut the salaries of cops with degrees, word has it that some angry Traffic police officers have devised illegal ways of making extra coins. The cops' recent threat to engage in illegal and criminal activities over pay cuts seems to have already materialized. Our mole has told Corridors that cops along Waiyaki Way and its feeder roads are taking bribes from PSV crews in broad daylight and the full glare of pedestrians. The cops mount police checks along Waiyaki Way and its feeder roads, especially during rush hour, not to inspect vehicles but to extort money from motorists. A number of them were spotted stopping a matatu and going straight to the driver's window to extract their dues, with the driver readily obliging.


COULD the meeting between NASA principals Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetang’ula just be a public relations gimmick? According to a section of ODM MPs, the meeting was just for the cameras as Baba moved on a long time ago. The MPs, who were overheard speaking at a city hotel while following the live press conference held by the three principals, said the marriage is over and it is only a matter of time before each affiliate party walks away in separate directions. “This thing is over and ODM will not engage a reverse gear. They better know that," one legislator told the rest.


A County Executive Committee member in charge of Finance from a South Rift county has become a super rich man. Despite having no known wealth to his name when he got employed, the middle-aged man has become rich overnight.

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