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December 19, 2018

Embu local wants law passed to protect water towers

An Embu resident has petitioned the Senate to pass a law that will protect water towers and riparian zones.

In a petition dated January 26, Taratisio Kawe, the chairperson of Itimbogo Water Users’ Committee,  says wetlands are important and sensitive ecosystems that provide values to Kenyans directly or indirectly. He says Kenya has failed to act on continued degradation and destruction of the environment and water sources.

Wetlands have been receding at an alarming rate — from 6.8 per cent to about 2.6 per cent. Kawe cites overexploitation, encroachment and settlement, wetland reclamation, pollution, poor methods of farming and promotion of alien species such as eucalyptus as some of the factors that trigger depletion of wetland resources.

“We can’t have food security in our country under the current situation unless immediate action is taken and water resources conserved, secured and protected,” the petition reads.

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