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March 18, 2018

We must all embrace bipartisanship to take Kenya forward

Members of the public in jubilation at Uhuru park during the Promulgation of the new Constitution ceremony. Photo/ Jack Owuor
Members of the public in jubilation at Uhuru park during the Promulgation of the new Constitution ceremony. Photo/ Jack Owuor

The nation is more important than any other undertaking. It is important to note that His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta and His Excellency Raila Odinga made an historic pronouncement.

This was a major pronouncement with radical policy implications in regard to how the country moves forward. This gesture of goodwill cannot be overemphasised. It is on the basis of this commitment that we must anchor our thinking and approach going forward. Our two leaders decided to unite for the sake of the country, which was on the verge of sinking. Kenyans had been impatient and were building the momentum for a revolution. But in light of the firm commitment by our leaders, the country must move forward. They gave their personal commitment to address the underlying issues; we rally fully behind them in the current circumstances.

This then means that even all other previous undertakings that had been advanced within the coalition are likely to be overridden, given the prevailing circumstances and the positions taken by our two leaders. Within our understanding, it is worth noting that the circumstances have changed drastically, calling for reflection. The matters the country faces are weighty, critical and urgent. They should be handled more urgently to ensure that we transform the lives of Kenyans.

Our focus for now is to accord the two leaders the necessary support they need to actualise their dream for a better Kenya. It is time to put aside all that divides us and instead unite in support of what the President and Raila have committed themselves to within the timeframes envisaged. As we move forward, as a nation to, addressing the issues we have continuously stated as NASA, we must realise that the circumstances under which we are operating changed with the good gesture by the two leaders. The individual undertakings we had committed ourselves to will now be dictated by the current circumstances.

They will be aligned to the prevailing circumstances. The country has longed for the reforms that NASA has been pushing for and which sparked a standoff with the government. It is time that we allowed the voice of reason to prevail to actualise that dream. Going forward, we must rise above any other partisan interest and embrace the spirit of goodwill demonstrated by our foremost leaders.

The writer is the ODM National Treasurer and former MP Kitutu Masaba

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