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June 19, 2018

Pakistan national behind illegal rice smuggling, terror-related charges rearrested

Pakistan national Ramesh Kumar behind illegal rice smuggling and terror-related charge re-arrested. COURTESY
Pakistan national Ramesh Kumar behind illegal rice smuggling and terror-related charge re-arrested. COURTESY
Detectives have re-arrested a Pakistan national behind rice smuggling and terror-related syndicate.
Ramesh Kumar, who was among 11 Pakistan national arrested in Mombasa on January 11, had been released on bond Sh200,000 pending the determination of the case.
Four of the eleven suspects were deported back to their country after pleading guilty, and Kumar was among the seven released on bond pending hearing and determination of their case.
Kumar was not allowed to leave the country, but on March 10 he boarded a Kenya Airways flight from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to Entebe Airport in Uganda.
He was flown back to Kenya on Monday, March 12 and arrested at JKIA, before being brought back to Mombasa to answer the charges.
Mombasa CID boss Washington Njiru told the Star the suspect is being held at Central Police Station and is expected to be arraigned in court on tomorrow (Thursday) morning.
“The Pakistan national abused the bond which was awarded to him by flying out of the country. We have re-arrested him and shall appear before the country tomorrow morning,” Njiru said.
Detectives are also probing several companies allegedly linked to the suspect.
They include Ramesh Commodity Limited, Focus Trading Limited and Emke Global Kenya Limited which are allegedly used tax evasion.
Local companies are accusing the foreigners of using the local market as dumping grounds for cheap rice from Pakistan, denying the country revenue and fair-playing ground for other local companies.
Preliminary police finding indicates that the foreigners repackage the imported rice and sell it at subsidized prices thus affecting local dealers.
The repackaging is done within Shimanzi area, police claim.
The other suspects who were arrested in January alongside Kumar were identified as Sawai Singh (32), Sunil Kumar (24), Karen Kumar (25), Khaman Deep (25), Manosh Kumar (26), Haresh Kumar (27), Saleem Imtiaz (26), Nakash Narain (28) and Bhojo Tharo (37).


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