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February 18, 2019

Corridors of Power

Education CS Amina Mohammed
Education CS Amina Mohammed

ARE cartels in the education sector regrouping again? Word has it that just days after the exit of former Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i, who now heads the Interior docket, the cartels began flocking back to the corridors of Jogoo House, trying to re-establish their contacts. The sudden turn by major stakeholders in the ongoing implementation of the new curriculum is being traced back to the cartels trying to fight back and frustrate the changes. Ministry staff are hoping that new CS Amina Mohamed, will also be firm and not give in to the pressure of the wealthy tenderpreneurs.


STAFF morale is at rock bottom in the house of Fazul Mahamad, the 'invincible' boss of the NGOs Coordination Board. Employees - junior and senior - have had the most dejected Christmas in years. The board is so broke, only this week staff were handed their Xmas vouchers - six weeks too late. Talk of their January pay is out of the question - a distant dream. Insiders tell Corridors the coffers are empty. In an email to employees this week, the bosses told of the efforts they are making to raise the January salaries. The future is so bleak they cannot even venture a date by which they might have cash. Now a large number of staff just shows up to be seen but not to work. Moments after making a technical appearance, they stream out in search of short-term loans to keep their homes running.


STAFFERS at the University of Nairobi are in hot soup after a mix-up in the payment of the January salaries. While some have not been paid, others were either overpaid or underpaid their January salaries. Sources at the Ivory Tower told Corridors that those who were overpaid received an email from the finance department last week, demanding a refund of the excess sum. If they don't return it, they will never receive their salaries from the institution, warns the letter that, unfortunately, was also sent to those underpaid. The letter explained that the mix-up at the bank was caused by newly installed software for payment of salaries.


A vocal MP from northern Kenya who frequents Nairobi casinos is a worried man. It seems social media pressure is giving him sleepless nights. At a press conference in Nairobi, he urged youth from his region to only write positive things on one platform. This was after youth from the region narrated on social media how the MP lost a lot of money betting in a Nairobi casino. They also blamed him for recent inter-clan clashes in a neighbouring constituency.


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