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November 16, 2018

Tanzanian opposition leader 'murdered' after kidnap ordeal

Chadema leader Freeman Mbowe holds a photo of Hananasif ward politician Daniel John. /COURTESY
Chadema leader Freeman Mbowe holds a photo of Hananasif ward politician Daniel John. /COURTESY

Tanzanian opposition party leader Daniel John was on Wednesday found beaten to death after men bundled him into a car.

According to AFP, party chairman Freeman Mbowe said the official opposition leader in Tanzanian parliament had been kidnapped.

According to the party official, John's body was later delivered to a hospital, with machete wounds to the head.

"Daniel John was kidnapped on Monday in the street by men in a car," Mbowe said.

Mbowe said a friend of John, who was kidnapped at the same time but survived the attack, described what happened.

"He said they were beaten and tortured, and the attackers asked them why they were campaigning for Chadema's candidate."

John was in charge of the Chadema party in Hananasif district, Dar es Salaam. An election campaign is ongoing in the region.

Mbowe, however, accused supporters of the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party of being behind the attack.

He accused the ruling party of "wanting to get everything by force."

In September 2017, senior opposition lawmaker Tundu Lissu was shot several times at his home in Dodoma.

He was rushed to a Nairobi hospital for specialised treatment and stayed in the ICU for several months.

After recuperation, Lisu accused president John Pombe Magufuli of attempted political assassination.

Lissu, 49, was shot by unknown gunmen in in Dar es Salaam in September and was admitted at Nairobi Hospital.

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