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November 17, 2018

Kisumu gets high-speed internet as locals prepare to stream Lupita movie

Free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi

Liquid Telecom Kenya has installed a strong connection across Kisumu city to stream live the red car- pet arrivals for the premiere of the Black Panther movie on Saturday. Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o’s daughter Lupita stars in the movie.

The movie premiered in Europe last Thursday. Liquid Telecom has partnered with the Kisumu government to connect the IMAX cinema at Nakumatt Mega.

The fibre network covers the CBD and stretches through Milimani, Kondele, Ki- bos and Migosi Junction.

“The network is fast with uninterrupt- ed internet connectivity over long dis- tances enabling us to establish connec- tivity on demand in a few hours,” Justin Orina, the service delivery manager at Liquid Telecom Kenya, said. Liquid Tele- com has deployed six engineers to work on the 400Mbps link. 

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