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November 17, 2018

I'll not resign, Zuma tells ANC amid quit calls

A file photo of South African President Jacob Zuma. /FILE
A file photo of South African President Jacob Zuma. /FILE

What have I done? What is this hurry? These were Jacob Zuma's words amid calls for his resignation as the South African President.

Speaking to the SABC on Wednesday, the embattled leader said he has not been given enough evidence to enable him step down as the president.

"I am not refusing to resign. It is the time frame...let us work out on a time frame that must accommodate a lot of things. I need to be furnished to what I have I done," he said.

"Why must I be frustrated to resign?" he asked during the televised address, "The manner in which they want to remove me is suspicious. So, I will not resign."

The SA president said they had a plan where the ANC would announce his resignation but until June.

"I had a proposal to make after speaking to the officials because there was an urgency for me to resign; agree to resign but agree on the time frame. Once we had worked that out, the public and opposition will know," he said.

Zuma, 75, said deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa agreed with his proposal for a time frame to resign and said it was a good idea.

But he noted that tables turned and pressure came from all sides of the ANC party.

"This is being done in a manner that I am being victimised. I did not defy but disagreed because the decision is not right. It is a have to put facts why I should resign. There is no reason."

He further denied any wrongdoing following the allegations of graft in his administration. He took office in 2009.

"There is nothing I have done wrong..I don't understand.. I don't think its fair. It is unfair..the decision is not right and I disagree with it," he said.

The president further downplayed his party's decision to recall him and instigate measures for his removal from office.

"You want to recall, then you are suggesting that I should not cooperate in the decision... there are no reasons for the decisions.."

He added that it will be the first time he will defy the African National Congress leadership since he is yet to be convinced about the matters the party has raised.

"I need

Zuma told ANC members to concentrate on strengthening the party for he coming elections.

"I would prefer that in public gatherings, we appear together so that we show members of ANC that we are working together for the coming elections," he said.

On Tuesday, ANC gave Zuma a new ultimatum to resign as head of state or risk being removed by Parliament.

"The ANC believe that this is an urgent matter that must be treated with urgency," ANC secretary general Ace  Magashule said.

Magashule said the decision to recall Zuma was taken after exhaustive discussions.

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