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November 16, 2018

Four cases of Chikungunya virus reported in Lamu

"Chikungunya's symptoms include headaches, acute joint pains, fever and general body weakness." /Courtesy
"Chikungunya's symptoms include headaches, acute joint pains, fever and general body weakness." /Courtesy

Reports of the first-ever case of Chikungunya have emerged in Lamu after four people from Tchundwa village tested positive for the virus.

Acting Chief Officer in the Department of Health David Mulewa said blood samples sent to KEMRI earlier this month for analysis turned positive.

“The samples were from more than ten individuals but only four tested positive for the virus. We are however doing the much we can to ensure the situation doesn’t escalate,” Mulewa said.

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The residents had shown similar symptoms that included joint pain and high fever.

He said the Health Department has launched massive awareness campaigns all across the county.

"We are a creating massive awareness on how to avoid contracting the virus and how to minimize infections for those who live in places prone to mosquitoes," Mulewa said.

Residents in Tchundwa and Witu have also been asked to clear stagnant water that serves as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

The outbreak has also been confirmed by the County Health Executive Raphael Munyua.

Munyua said the county had already embarked on immediate vector control measures that include spraying insecticides in all villages in the county.

He said the health office was also distributing mosquito nets to all residents.

Munyua appealed to residents to also clear bushes close to their areas of residence.

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