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November 17, 2018

Rogue Jubilee harassing citizens, intimidating Judiciary, says Raila

NASA leader Raila Odinga in Majengo, Vihiga county, on Saturday /JOSEPH JAMENYA
NASA leader Raila Odinga in Majengo, Vihiga county, on Saturday /JOSEPH JAMENYA

NASA leader Raila Odinga has criticised the Jubilee administration for intimidating the Judiciary by disobeying court orders.

He said on Saturday in Musitinyi Village, Luanda, Vihiga county, that Jubilee is misusing the police to intimidate and harass citizens.

“The Jubilee administration has become rogue. The court ordered the release of Miguna Miguna. Instead, he was deported from his motherland. What kind of administration is that?” Raila said.

When people from Miguna’s home in Ahero questioned why one of them was being harassed, three people, including a high school student, were killed, Raila said.

Miguna’s troubles began when he stamped documents used for Raila’s oath as the “People’s President” in Uhuru Park, Nairobi, on January 30.

Raila said Jubilee has captured the electoral commission and Parliament and crippled their functions. He spoke during the burial of Justas Etale, father of ODM director of communications Philip Etale.

The ODM leader said he will soon form the People’s Convention.

“Now that I’ve been sworn in, we’re a government and we’ll do what the law requires of us,” Raila said, amid cheers from the mourners.

He said the people’s will has to be respected. The convention will consist of representatives from every county, he added.

Raila  was accompanied by Vihiga Governor Wilbur Ottichilo, Senators Amos Wako (Busia), Cleophus Malala (Kakamega) and  Vihiga’s George Khaniri.

Others were MPs Otiende Amollo, Chris Omulele (Luanda) and ANC nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi.

Raila said the National Resistance Movement cannot be banned because it’s not registered.

“The NRM is only an idea whose time has come. The NRM only exists in the minds and feelings of its people,” he said.

Raila also addressed the public at Majengo market, where he reiterated his call to have the people’s will respected.

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