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November 17, 2018

Parents build school but facilities lacking

Nyasita students in the class during learning session
Nyasita students in the class during learning session

A school in Siaya is on the verge of closing for lack of infrastructure four years after its inception.

Nyasita Mixed Secondary School, Boro division, was established in 2014 by the local community. It was officially registered as a public secondary school in August 2015 by the Siaya County Education Board.

Residents built the school to spare their children the six-kilometre trek to the nearest schools. It has one permanent classroom and three incomplete one, with no principal's office and teachers' staffroom.

The three incomplete classrooms have murram floors, unfitted windows and unplastered walls. Principal Gordon Onyango operates in a 20 by 10 feet makeshift office that also serves as the administration block.

The structure also serves as the bookstore, lab equipment store and food store. It is also the secretary's office. A mango tree serves as

The school has 160 students but the principal fear the number could decline if infrastructure is not improved. "This year alone we have had 50 students transfer to nearby schools due to lack of facilities," Onyango said.

The school lacks adequate furniture and has borrowed desks from a nearby primary school for Form One students. Form Two and Three students use hired plastic chairs, an additional expense for the cash-strapped school.

The school lacks water. It has only one toilet for the women teachers and girls. The men teachers and boys go to facilities at the nearby primary school.

The school also lacks a kitchen and dining hall. Food is prepared and served under a tree.

All these challenges have taken their toll on the schools performance. It performed dismally in last year's KCSE exam. The top student had a D+.

The school registered 22 candidates, five of whom scored D plain, 14 D- (minus) and two E.

Onyango appealed for help from well-wishers and the area MP. He said the school's performance will improve with better facilities.



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