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February 23, 2019

Corridors of Power

Former prime minister Raila Odinga
Former prime minister Raila Odinga

IS the government divided over the possible arrest and prosecution of Nasa leader Raila Odinga? We are told that while some people close to the presidency have been toying with the idea of arresting Raila, others have flatly opposed it because, they argue, doing so could escalate the situation and cause serious political instability in the country. The proponents of the plan say arresting and charging Miguna Miguna and TJ Kajwang’ for facilitating Raila to “commit treason” without arresting the principal offender is not fair. We are told that the matter has now been left to the President and his team of closest advisers to decide.

THE announcement that Raila Odinga and Nasa want fresh elections held in August this year has sent shockwaves among business people. In an interview with the BBC yesterday, Raila said they plan to have an election in August, but those in business are worried that the Nasa leader is likely to keep the country in a political mood or electoral contest for the whole year, which they say is not good for business. Their worst fear is riots. Business people also fear that investors will not have the confidence to invest in the country unless the political situation is resolved. So what next?

IS Jubilee targeting some Judges for removal? Some senior government officials have told the Star that the Executive is very frustrated by the decisions some judges and magistrates are making. The officials have even gone as far as drawing up the list of judges, some of whom have been put on 24-hour surveillance, with the hope they can catch the judges in the wrong and use it against them. A senior government official said the reason the government is hesitating to obey some orders is because it believes the “Judiciary has been captured”.

ONE of the nominees for Cabinet has been dishing out money to MPs to smooth the way for him during vetting. Several people have written to the Clerk of the National Assembly asking to appear before the Appointments Committee to testify against the nominee. Some of the letters claim that they have evidence to show the nominee has integrity issues and is unfit to serve in Cabinet.

ARE some people celebrating the exit of Polycarp Igathe from City Hall? Well, we are told that some operatives been celebrating the man’s exit because they feared that Igathe’s approach to issues was going to hurt them. The officials have been telling anyone who cares to listen that they will now have their way since they enjoy a good working relationship with Governor Mike Sonko.

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