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November 17, 2018

Omena crackdown

Omena from Lake Victoria /FILE
Omena from Lake Victoria /FILE

 A crackdown has been launched in Lake Victoria to eradicate the use of illegal gear. This comes as the omena stock dwindles.

Lake Victoria Beach Management Unit officials have rolled out the clean-up with the help of the Ministry of Fisheries and security officials.

On Friday while speaking to the Star on the phone, BMU chairman Tom Guda said the population of omena in the lake is under threat. “We’re hunting those fishermen who trap omena in shallow parts of the lake by boat seining,” he said. Boat seining is a method used to trap omena in shallow waters during the day.

“Fishing of omena should strictly be conducted at night in deep waters, but some fishermen are doing it contrary to the law,” Guda said. He said the crackdown is conducted in beaches including Dunga (Kisumu), Alum (Homa Bay) and Usenge (Siaya).








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