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November 17, 2018

How to boost your self-confidence

How to boost your self-confidence
How to boost your self-confidence

Self-confidence is discovered, not acquired. Here's proof: Your uniqueness. To be unique means to have no like or equal, unparalleled, incomparable.

Hence, uniqueness denotes an absolute condition; none like you, before and after you. On a planet with over 7billion people, there is no one like you – and you only occur once in time. You’re practically one in 7billion. If that doesn’t make you feel special, I don’t know what will.

Uniqueness is the root of confidence. The understanding of your difference from others, how your difference works, the advantage it gives you and how it empowers you to positively impact the world – would change your perspective about confidence.

The study of uniqueness opens you up to insights into the subject of confidence. Your confidence is first established within you before its seen outwardly. Self-confidence is trust in your uniqueness (or, difference).

Since confidence is based on uniqueness, a good place to start growing in confidence is to explore your uniqueness. Remember, self-confidence is discovered, so explore. Dig deep into yourself and find out more about your superpower.

Confidence is not a feeling – yes, you eventually feel it. But, its source is knowing who you are. Appreciating yourself on a deep level. Here, you don’t need things. You are enough. Another confidence booster is knowledge. A narrow mind is seldom confident, especially in our modern world.

So, take steps to expand your scope about life. Read books, travel, meet different people, try out new things – explore the variety that life offers. Go beyond the limits of your family, culture, profession – live more. As your mind grows in scope, insight and experiences, your confidence grows.

Furthermore, build your life on principles or laws. Universal laws do not fail, and this gives confidence. For instance, we’re safe when we respect the law of gravity – it never fails. So, what principles or laws govern your thinking? What principles govern your life? The application of these laws produces specific results without fail. They are results you can always count on.

Hence, a life built on specific fail-proof principles will be a life of confidence.

If your confidence is consistently low over a prolonged period, check your association. The saying is true that, “birds of a feather flock together.” Eagles fly with eagles. So, who are you flying with? Who do you spend time with? If they are chickens, you won’t have eagle confidence. That’s for sure. The people around you boost or burst your confidence.


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