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February 26, 2018

Corridors of Power

Lands Cabinet Secretary Professor Jacob Kaimenyi
Lands Cabinet Secretary Professor Jacob Kaimenyi

The fight against corruption at the once tough-talking Professor Jacob Kaimenyi's Lands ministry seems to be a tall order, if what is being claimed is true. Our tipster says that some three senior officials in a department within the ministry in cahoot with a male partner from the office of a senior official in the ministry have formed a cartel where they allegedly attend seminars and forums every month and pocket heavy allowances as imprest.

The officers, said to be all senior, have  also developed an appetite for wanting to get more money without breaking a sweat by forging attendance of seminars documents for gatherings that they never attended. The officials' high appetite for money is disturbing some junior officers who wonder who is protecting them.


A little bird tells Corridors that one former "intellectual' governor seems determined to embarrass his successor. The former county boss was seen handing out an article from Forbes magazine about the 'Peter Principle', which states that, “in a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence”. The implication is that the new governor who has been in the news lately is not up to the job.


Residents of Nairobi's Donholm estate are pleading with Governor Mike Sonko and his Water CEC to intervene over lack of piped water in the area. It is said many have been wondering why they continue to suffer yet a 'main' water pipe for Jomo Kenyatta International Airport passes through their estate. Lack of clean water in their homes has forced most of them to buy from water vendors, which they say is costing them much more than what they would pay monthly to the Nairobi Water Company. Our mole says sometime back the residents came together and bought a pipe for water connections but they were later then uprooted for being 'illegal'.


Who could the Cabinet Secretary spotted on Friday morning being driven on the wrong side of University Way in Nairobi be? Pedestrians and motorist who were waiting on traffic police to clear the jam at the University Way roundabout were perturbed to see the top official, who should set a good example by obeying the law, break the law. Some members of the public were overheard saying police should be ordered to investigate the matter and forward the name of the minister to President Uhuru Kenyatta so that he may drop him or her as he reconstitute his Cabinet. The CS was being driven in a dark grey Toyota Prado flying the Kenyan flag with a chase car in a similar colour.

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